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We are marking Education Professionals Week in the midst of negotiating our working conditions. The majority of us have experienced our second wave of strikes. For the Front Commun, the message is clear: we refuse to grow poorer “to finance tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy.”


Our mobilization takes on a particular aspect, for in addition to requiring effective measures to attract and retain professional staff, it reaffirms the importance of our professions in the everyday lives of not only students but also the various actors in our school boards with whom we work and collaborate on a daily basis.
We remind management this week of the importance of our presence in ensuring the success of our students and we reaffirm loud and clear that we expect a genuine recognition of our work and of our dedication that translates into concrete actions each and every day.


Our mobilization is the best action we can take in response to the government’s unacceptable proposals at the negotiating table. Let us continue to make our presence and commitment felt, alongside our negotiating team. In light of the current situation, let us remain united in defence of our public education services.

Jean-Marie Comeau,
Vice-president, FPPE (CSQ)


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