Les antiféminismes


c1_lesantifeminismes_webLes antiféminismes
Analyse d’un discours réactionnaire
Edited by Diane Lamoureux and Francis Dupuis-Déri

History teaches us that every liberation movement has a counterrevolutionary reaction. Feminist struggles are no exception. Condemned by the right as a real threat to social stability and to the future of the nation, it is also considered by the left to be a secondary struggle within a much broader movement. Feminism has always bothered those who have an interest in maintaining the patriarchal regime.

Anti-feminist ideas and actions are reactionary. Their aim—whether conscious or not—is to reassert the value of a maligned masculinity. To achieve their ends, anti-feminists use discursive strategies such as misinformation, or appeals to the nostalgia of the “good old days” and to the natural order. It is exactly this type of vengeful discourse, which can be found in every area—from comedy to activism—that this book sets out to dissect.

Dupuis-Déri, Francis
Francis Dupuis-Déri is a professor of political science at the Université du Québec à Montréal(UQAM) and is in charge of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Anti-feminism (GIRAF for its acronym in French), which is part of the Institute of Feminist Research and Studies (IREF for its acronym in French).

Lamoureux, Diane
Diane is a professor with Université Laval’s political science department, where she teaches political philosophy. Her research focuses on issues of citizenship and democracy in contemporary western nations.
ISBN: 978-2-89091-534-3 2015


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