JohanneP1It is with great enthusiasm and determination that I had decided to run for a second term as president of the FPPE, and it is with great pride that I welcomed the outcome of the vote that confirmed my re-election for this new term.

The next few years will be busy, to say the least! Although we will not find ourselves at the negotiating table this term, many matters will require all our attention and energy: a number of committees discussed during the most recent negotiations will be established and matters regarding the pay equity will remain an important issue as the 2015 complaints will be added to those of 2010, which we hope will be settled in the months to come. In addition, we will have to sign and implement our collective bargaining agreement, monitor the new bill that will affect school boards, and continue to oppose the decentralization of professional services. We will also have to continue to condemn professional position cuts and ensure that the additions committed to during the most recent negotiations are met, just to name a few. Indeed, numerous policies have been adopted at the Convention and we will have to prepare a rather ambitious action plan to meet these work orders, all of which are highly relevant.

It is with the profound conviction that all professional services are essential to student success that I am thus undertaking this second term as FPPE president and will proudly represent you.
Before wishing you an excellent vacation, I would like to add that we were delighted to take the opportunity at the Convention to celebrate, along with all the former presidencies, the FPPE’s 30th anniversary. For those who are interested in knowing more about the history of our Federation, the video is available on our website.
I wish you all a very pleasant summer vacation!


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