By Jean-Marie Comeau, Vice President

I’ve had the immense privilege to be part of the FPPE’s union family, at first in its beginnings from 1980 to 1986, and more recently from 2000 to 2016.
Many things happen within a family, and ours is no exception. But of all the things I have experienced with my colleagues in the trade union world, I will share three aspects that have transformed this commitment into a source of nourishment:

 Our concrete commitment to our members and our colleagues who provide professional services. This commitment was fuelled by innumerable anecdotes that have spangled my day-to-day life since 1980. These stories of individuals and the events associated with them, which were very sensitive in the battles that were waged, are what sustained my dedication to the union all these years.

 Every day, thanks to my union colleagues, I experienced mutual support that gave me back the vitality and energy I needed to revive the flame when commitment was wavering.

 The friendships forged throughout this life path, whether on a professional or union level, have been truly enriching. Ultimately, these friendships are the reason I can still consider the FPPE like family even today.

It is with great emotion that today I am closing this chapter of active commitment in our Federation. Time goes by, and now it is time for me to move on to another chapter in my life. But one never leaves a family like ours for good. Rest assured that you will always be present in my life. I will continue to follow you, albeit from afar, in your exchanges, and will remain a loyal supporter of your challenges and battles to come.

I wish a long and prosperous future to the FPPE and its members!


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