Let us be proud of our services.


Professionals’ Week runs from November 21 to 25. This week was designated by the FPPE many years ago with the aim of acknowledging the indispensable contribution of professionals within the education system. It is with great pleasure and conviction that I take to my keyboard to write this message: let us be proud of our services!

Regardless of whether you work in administration, education, or student services, each and every one of you has a critical role to play, which you do with passion and professionalism.

In the past few years we’ve gone through some difficult times: significant spending cuts in the school system that have had an impact on our services, successive ministers and bills that have sparked concern and frustration, lack of results regarding the 2010 pay equity grievances, a very disappointing outcome of the intersectorial negotiations for some of you, etc.

Let’s just say that it might be easy to feel discouraged and to simply go about your work. But that’s not what I see when I have the chance to meet with professionals! I see dedicated men and women driven by a fierce determination to do their jobs for the betterment of the system and the success of the students, even when conditions are difficult and time is lacking.

I believe the government has no idea as to how fortunate we are in Quebec to boast such staff – professional in every sense of the word – who work tirelessly and with conviction. I repeat this every time I have the chance to meet with elected officials, as I firmly believe this.

We’ve seen a few positive developments in the past few weeks, which you can read on the following pages. This leads me to say that we must continue our fight and not give up, as schools must not be deprived of public professional services!

On this compelling topic, I wish you an excellent Professionals’ Week, and urge you to continue to walk with your head held high, proud of the contribution you make to the Quebec school system!

Have a great week!


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