For Partnerships That Are Respectful of Public Professional Services

Sophie Massé, Vice-president

Sophie Massé,

When Quebec’s new Youth Policy was made public in April 2016, we learned that the Youth Secretariat would be investing more than $200 million over 5 years for the Youth Action Strategy. These investments will go towards funding for organizations that offer services and develop projects related to the implementation of the Youth Policy. Specifically, $75 million is being allocated over a period of 5 years to the Créneau carrefour jeunesse (CJE) grant program for the implementation of social autonomy and academic perseverance services for youth with difficulties, as well as for local entrepreneurial and volunteer projects. Since 2015, as funding for youth employment centres (CJE) has been more closely associated with projects rather than with the mission, the CJEs are developing a new range of activities through projects targeting school retention (25 pilot projects, mostly in the school boards).

A preliminary survey conducted by FPPE unions amongst the school boards leads us to believe that the effects of these changes are already being felt, with CJEs becoming increasingly insistent on offering academic services.

The FPPE unions that convened at the Federal Council adopted an action plan aiming to clarify the role of the CJE’s resources in the context of partnerships with the school board, and to ensure compliance with exclusive competences and tasks stipulated in the classification plan of school board professionals.

We recognize the relevance of collaborating and implementing certain partnerships with different actors of society in order to improve academic success, and we know that successive cuts in services make the school teams vulnerable. However, such projects must be considered as complementary, and not as a replacement for services that should be offered by school board staff.

The process aims both to preserve public services and to defend the rights of school board professionals.

Have you witnessed this type of situation? If so, do not hesitate to notify your union.



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