Bill № 105: Our Representations Pay Off


Adoption of Bill № 105, an Act to amend the Education Act, is imminent. Last September 21, in the context of a special consultation, Johanne Pomerleau once again explained to Minister Sébastien Proulx the importance of the centralized organization of professional services at the school board level. This position is also upheld in the CSQ’s memorandum, which the FPPE contributed to.

 The minister finally listened to our concerns and made amendments to certain aspects of its bill at the last minute, i.e. at the detailed study stage. Bill № 105 remains of limited interest because it does nothing to improve academic success or boost the commitment levels of teaching staff. On the other hand, the FPPE’s representations notably helped to reiterate language in the Education Act whereby the organization of education services is the mandate of the school board and to ensure that the introduction of the “subsidiarity” principle does not obligate school boards to decentralize their services. We therefore have every reason to congratulate ourselves.

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