As winter is dragging its feet and spring is slow to arrive, the FPPE has its plate full with meetings with the opposition party and the assistant deputy minister, investigations into professional activities, pay equity procedures, participation in various ministerial committees and in those following the negotiations, etc. This Passerelle provides information on topics, some of which specifically affect one group or another. It provides an overview of the various issues we are working on, in addition to the procedures we are tirelessly pursuing to obtain recognition of the essential role played by education professionals working for school boards, and to ensure, in conjunction with the unions, that the promises made by the government regarding resources are fulfilled by hiring professional staff.

Also, I cannot conclude without greeting the professionals of the Kativik School Board in Quebec’s Far North. While negotiations have ended for all groups, this school board’s professional professional, teaching and support staff still have not negotiated and signed a collective agreement. We are highly concerned with this situation that we consider totally unacceptable, and it is why the CSQ, FPPE and unions in question are sparing no effort to work toward reaching an agreement with the employer who is purposely dragging its feet.




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