3179b2b8e7c70bb662f93fc434477321_-ic-clipart-affaire-argent-clip-art-argent_299-252Psychologists Bonuses and Absences:

The FPPE is lobbying for the management negotiating committees to change their position on the applicability of the bonus during maternity or disability leaves. A recent decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal appears to invalidate their interpretation, based on the fact that the said bonus should not be paid during these leaves, as it is a “benefit” and not a wage. It was deemed that such a distinction with regard to paying the benefit is discriminatory under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. If you are in either one of these situations, contact your union.

Bonus Payment for Supernumerary and Replacement Staff:

As for the problem you were informed of in the letter of November 18, 2016, regarding the difference between a bonus in the health sector and one in the education sector, we are still waiting for the employer to get back to us on the matter. The delay is due in particular to changes in employer representatives. We are doing everything in our power for the adjustments to be agreed upon so that they can take effect in 2017-2018.



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