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1182704_BLOGPNGA few weeks ago, the FPPE was approached by a speech therapist from the Laurentian region, who took the initiative to launch a movement to request better access to public speech therapy services. While her initial focus is on her region, her arguments can apply to other regions of Quebec. Her request involves the health and school sectors, and all union organizations were addressed. After reading her arguments, we assured the instigator of this movement that the FPPE was very concerned with the children’s needs and the lack of resources in the education sector, and that we have been demanding more professional resources for a long time. We committed ourselves to informing our members of the movement and to support the initiative. To read the FPPE union-affiliated speech therapist’s arguments and requests, and to see how this member has decided to take the bull by the horns, visit these links: Projet pilote Laurentides and Une fenêtre d’opportunités.



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